Addiction can make life seem hopeless, but there is hope. Recovery is out there and attainable by anyone who is willing. is a resource for addicts in the Texas Panhandle who are looking for help or wanting to take part in the annual event. This is a place where change can begin. Please browse the site and contact any other the treatment providers that are in our list.

Also, join us for the annual recovery health fair every September. If you want more information check out the event page

Amarillo Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse

Mission and Purpose
The Amarillo Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (ACADA) exists to promote community and family enrichment through substance abuse education, prevention, intervention, and treatment.

The primary objectives mandated by ACADA are:
- Reduce the number of those affected by substance abuse.
- Increase usage of ongoing supportive services for those who have developed recovery programs.
- Establish and maintain treatment services as required at the least restrictive level for clients.
- Lower the number of those affected by HIV/AIDS in the community through effective outreach.

ACADA is uniquely suited to address outpatient treatment needs in the metropolitan area and the greater Panhandle because of this tested and effective process of inter-agency cooperation. In addition to Amarillo, treatment services are in place in Pampa.

Activities and Services currently offered: prevention, intervention and case management, through co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders, outpatient treatment, individual and family counseling services, federal probation services and off site activities, such as non-metropolitan site treatment programs, health fairs and seminars. There is continuing coordination with local and statewide agencies nurturing productive relationships for program design and delivery. Outpatient groups include: two day a week specialized female outpatient treatment, two day a week outpatient treatment, four day a week intensive outpatient treatment, family crisis resolution program, Pampa outpatient treatment group.

Funding sources: ACADA’s current resources are DSHS, Federal Probation, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and self payment. ACADA does not accept insurance claims at this time.